silicone mask

  • Silicone Mask Cover -black
  • Silicone Mask Cover -black
  • Silicone Mask Cover -black
Silicone Mask Cover -blackSilicone Mask Cover -blackSilicone Mask Cover -black

Silicone Mask Cover -black

  • Material: Silicone
  • weight:34g
  • Color: pink, white, black, clear
  • Usage: Facial mask
  • Description: Waterproof Reusable Skin Care Silicone Mask Cover
Product usage  :
  • eusable silicon mask cover for sheet mask-prevent evaporation
  • A super hit mask cover makes of elastic silicon
  • Comfortable to skin
  • Wrapping effect - wear over a sheet mask, it prevents mask essence from evaporating, helps reserve the maximum amount of essence for skin nourishment




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